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The ecological blockchain

The ecological blockchain


Blockchain is a database that is linked and secured using cryptography and designed to avoid its modification. This is thanks to a reliable time seal that is linked to a previous block. This is specially suitable for increasing amounts of data streams stored during a course of time and without the possibility of being modified or revised. What ecological utility could this have?

Traceability of an ecological product

Blockchain would allow to carry out a complete follow up of a product, from the acquisition of the raw materials until its arrival at the point of sale. Thus, the consumer would have detailed information to make more ethical and environmentally friendly purchases.

Traceability of waste

A recycling program based on blockchain could encourage the participation of users, identifying those who correctly dispose the different types of waste (organic, paper, glass containers, etc.). In addition, the same system would provide reliable collection statistics with all data such as type of waste, weight, costs, economic gains, etc.

Traceability of Energy

An energy system that uses blockchain would consume electricity more efficiently and more economically, avoiding long distances and losses. It would also reduce the need to store energy because this method of marketing could distribute it locally and without intermediaries.

Financial Traceability

Any funds transferred in blockchain will not require bank accounts, so it would guarantee that donations destined for environmental causes will surely reach those who were destined to receive them.

Environmental reputation

Blockchain would contribute to the calculation of the environmental impact (carbon footprint, emissions of an industry, compliance with environmental laws) of governments, cities, companies or people. Sustainability would then be measured in an objective and accurate manner.


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