Energy Solutions is a marketer of innovative solutions of high technological value in the area of Smart Environment. These solutions are built based on innovative products and services that integrate contributing our know-how of more than 20 years of research, development, and marketing strategy.

Our division of Smart Environment consists of offering products and services, such as Energy Consultancy, aimed at providing solutions derived from pollution, conversion of waste to energy, recovery of precious raw materials etc.

The IoT (Internet of Things) division is dedicated to projects related to Smart City and Industry 4.0, both in hardware and software by offering consulting services as well as implementing smart solutions in fields such as energy efficiency, security and use of micro smart sensor technology, among others.



The customer facilitates the R & D features and functions that need to be integrated.


Analysis of the improvements to be implemented to enhance efficiency/range of by products.


Technical plan of viability to match objectives/milestones which were established at the design stage.


Objective time frames of partial deliveries of product (prototypes, software) till the completion of the project.

Energy auto generation consulting services

Our company offers energy auto generation services to companies from different sectors such as waste management, agro-food industry or others that generate thermal surpluses (ceramics, glass, cement, steel, textiles, paper). The process consists of evaluating the resources that are available to the client (organic waste, thermal surplus, solar radiation, regime of wind patterns etc.,) which permit a mix of energy generation with maximum efficiency in the most economical way possible.




Generación energética a partir de residuos, excedentes térmicos, radiación solar y/o régimen de vientos. Máxima eficiencia energética y económica.

Compack Solutions

Compack Solutions

Renewable energy stations, organic waste digester, incinerator, water purifier. The most advanced and environmentally friendly technology.

SmartVisual City

SmartVisual City

Programable smart city management platform. Integration of all events and actors in one user friendly scalable solution.



Smart microdataloggers that could be installed without any constructed facilities, that are able to collect data from surrounding environment, process it, store it and transmit the same to the cloud via radio.



Automated LED street lamps intensity regulators. Energy savings without light pollution.

Home Automation & Security

Home Automation & Security

Smart security systems for monitoring what happens at home, with DIY philosophy.

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